China has bee field for many years of actual combat experience

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China has bee fieldManufacturers
Good fir wood,Mechanized production accurately

Three big advantage

Changge HuaMu bee has a limited company

01. More than 10 years management experience,Give you a good bees experience


  • Our factory business for more than ten years,Bees for many years of industry experience。
  • Master carpenters,Diverse styles,Durable!
  • Can live visit the production process。


02. Select raw materials,Shanshan wood of good quality


  • My company to choose raw materials for Chinese fir,aa0003Large plate joining together,Not easy to break。
  • All wood treated with mechanical drying,The bee is out of shape not easily,Used for a long time。
  • CNC slot、Dovetail mortise splicing,No nailing。


03. Considerate considerate service,From your worries


  • The company set up after-sales department,To efforts to create a safe and comfortable purchasing environment。
  • Timely after-sale staff to follow up customer usage,Answering questions,For you to solve trouble back at home。

Changge HuaMu bee has a limited company
       Changge HuaMu bee has limited company was founded in2016Years7Month,The company belong to f biological technology group co., LTD., henan branch,Is a collection of the hive、Nest box、Yarn and other products with the integration of professional processing plant,Our factory is located in China's largest bee products-Taking mengcun changge officer pavilion township,Adjacent to the beijing-guangzhou railway、Zheng Wugao iron、Beijing-zhuhai expressway,South from xuchang25Kilometers,North of zhengzhou50Kilometers,From zhengzhou international airport25Kilometers,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。
       Changge HuaMu bee has limited the company has advanced processing equipment,Complete、Scientific quality management system,Now the main production hives、Nest box、The yarn cover、Every king board、YaoMi machine, etc!Our factory is in line with“Good faith for this,The customer is supreme;Quality first,Win-win cooperation”The aim of the,Expanding the scale of production,Has received industry recognition...My company will with the best service,The most preferential price serves the masses of customers!
       Welcome people from all walks of life come to the company,Negotiate guidance!

Dynamic company



Honey bees management

Phase flow honey hive management quality directly affects the production of honey and royal jelly,So this period is a critical period of colony management,Must pay special attention to the following work: 1 Honey preparations before period Before the arrival of big honey bee plant flow season,Must be done well…



Use“Jin Sanfa”Theory of weak group of autumn and strong

In order to explore the meaning of bee breeding sugar saving mode with no medicine control mite test needs,We are in2006And the year2007In the summer、The autumn season,To test the meaning of swarm is implemented for a long time high temperature period king prison break。2006In prison for the king109 Days,That is, from5Month 14 Day――9Month1Day;2007…



Using the plastic comb foundation of experience

Plastic comb foundation used in beekeeping production comb,Has the following advantages: When the spleen nest spleen too old too old,Can remove the old nest room,Let them on top of it to build nests,Old spleen into new spleen to use many times,The purpose of saving cost;At the same time use the plastic comb foundation…

The dynamic of the industry



Bees in the autumn of numerous small experience

Is near the Mid-Autumn heat like all areas of corrupt officials,Under the environment still remain in all corners of the earth won't stop。Southern region while hot,But in the morning or can feel filar silk cool idea,This is the autumn numerous best time。In the autumn of numerous whether south or north region is crucial…



Bee's six major nutritional requirements

Bees by the eggs hatch into larvae,To develop into pupa and adult。Different developmental stage need nutrition has bigger difference;The queen bee、Worker bees and drones,The need for nutrition are also different;In the different life state of colony,As the winter period、Breeding season、Honey or production of royal jelly production period,Away…



The queen showed how good,Q&a queen bees experience

Following, yukon has collected a lot of bees friend common to the king's total total q&a,Very practical,For the new bee is a very good guide,Collected from the home of beekeeping,For your reference learning,Hope friends like it,At the same time I hope you share the bee that makes the link to your friends,Study together. How to rescue…

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